Working Title: Crap Song (Demo, 2015)

Good speakers or headphones strongly recommended.


  • Piano was a very rough idea for a vocal melody and will disappear due to cringe factor.
  • Will address the noticeable mistakes when it is re-recorded beyond the purposes of a demo.
  • Guitar solo will be changed. Note the accidental Mission Impossible theme song and the Beatles-esque distortion.
  • Shout out to my long time guitarist friend and band member Rob Olexson for banging out a rough idea of the solo I heard in my head at the time.
  • Will probably drop/change intro – again due to cringe factor.
  • Finally have a singer… could this song be nearing completion finally?!?! Stay tuned.

Side note: Funny how you give something a random file name like “Crap Song” when you start, then it morphs into something that maybe isn’t entirely accurate to the title. May change it to “Mediocre Song”.


  • Spencer McLeod: Drums, bass, rhythm guitar, piano, recording, & mixing
  • Rob Olexson: Guitar Solo