Drum Cover: “Schism” by Tool

Screen shot of pro tools le 8 - schism drum cover session
The Schism Drum Cover Pro Tools Session.


I think I did this in early or mid 2017. I randomly decided to do a quick mic up of my kit and see if I could capture a decent play through of this song. I kept the last three takes I did, back to back to back…. regretfully, because I think I had some better takes I didn’t keep (or didn’t even record) thinking I could do it better. So here they are, mistakes and all.

  • If you’re questioning the snare drum sound, I have two comments on that. Yes, it could have been tuned better & the snares are OFF for this (and many other TOOL songs).
  • Notice the frustration when I got sloppy at the very end of “Take 2” and did the triplets again right after the song ended!
  • I’m leaning towards the “Take 3” as the best. I posted it on YouTube (see below). Thoughts?
  • Lesson learned: Record and keep everything.

Good speakers or headphones strongly recommended.

Take 1
Take 2

“Take 3” on YouTube.