Calgary Recording Rates

  • Hourly Rate: $25/hr
  • Minimum Charge: $50 (2 hours)

Ask about customized pricing tailored specifically to your Calgary recording project.

See Spencer's Recording Space Here.

Mixing - $150/song

Based on a standard song 3 - 4 minutes in length consisting of drums, bass, guitars, vocals, and any over dubs.

Includes up to two revisions to the final mix - i.e. up to three mixes total (additional revisions charged at $25/hr).

Audio Production Weekend Warrior Package - $500

Perfect for Calgary rock, punk, or metal bands looking to get either one song done well, or as many songs recorded and mixed as possible. Likely no more than 4 given the time frame.


  • Three 8-hour days of recording and mixing (expect to use the last day for mixing)
  • Up to two revisions to the final mix/mixes (additional revisions charged at $25/hr)

General Terms & Conditions

  • 50% deposit based on the estimate of your project is required before scheduling any recording/mixing sessions.
  • Remaining balance is due upon completion of the project. No audio is delivered until the entire balance has been paid.
  • Additional work outside the scope of the project is billed at $25/hr.
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